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My name is David James, the owner of Sherman Oaks Landscaping. I can assure you the quality of our work, is top notch; and the attitude of our staff is courteous.We handle a wide variety of jobs-from small to big; with the flexibility to meet any budget. As a landscaping company-we regularly install sprinklers and other systems of irrigation, as well as various plant life to spruce up and bring color to your garden. But we also specialize in an array of hardscape landscaping techniques. We have experience and expertise Landscape Contractors Sherman Oaks to make your Landscape perfect.

So whether you need a deck, a driveway, block walls, brick patios, fountains, or even waterfalls-you can be sure that Sherman Oaks Landscaping can get the job done.


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From the installation of your lawns, to the installation of sprinklers-Sherman Oaks Landcaping does it all; and with quality you can't beat... Learn More

Tree Services

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Are your trees growing out of control? Un maintained trees can cause problems for the aesthetic and growth of your perfect garden... Learn More


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The addition of masonry (or stone hardscape) can add the perfect aesthetic balance for your home garden. At Sherman Oaks Landscaping... Learn More

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Be sure to check out our gallery- to see the wide array of landscaping work we've done. Remember-for quality,and great services, call Sherman Oaks Landscaping!... Learn More

What Our Client Says

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Elizabeth N.

David is an angel! I thought I could cut down a tree myself but after 2 hours of manpower I had to surrender that I was over my head and needed help.
Within an hour David came to check out my disaster and graciously accepted to do this small job between 2 jobs he already had scheduled for the day. He came back with George and they not only cut the tree down, cleaned up all MY mess, and helped me move a raised garden bed in place of where the tree was!
In short, I'm in such gratitude for David. He not only is efficient and professional, but is a hard worker and a good person. Thank you so much for helping me today. Now I have a beautiful space to start my garden. I look forward to when I work with him again.

5 star rating

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Samantha F.

David James recently redid the front yard of our condo and we are really happy with his work. He worked within the budget we had available and was always responsive via phone and text message. The job entailed tree removal, concrete demo and repouring sidewalk, building a keystone wall, installing artificial turf, drought resistant landscaping and installing drip irrigation. He finished on time and everything looks great!

5 star rating

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Laura Fagin

David James and his crew were great. Our communication was a little spotty, but in spite of that, everything was great. His prices were reasonable and fair and his guys did a great job on turning and replacing the soil and doing all the planting. Unfortunately, the day he came to put in all the plants was the horrifically hot July day in Burbank (114 degrees) and about a third of the plants were signed within a week. David kindly came back and replaced the ones that died a fiery death. All in all I would definitely recommend Sherman Oaks Landscaping!

5 star rating

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Bennet Wisner

I needed to remove some trees in my homes pathway; BTW I love green places but my cement walkway was getting damaged I called these guys up to give me a hand with this mess and they did thankfully the removed the trees without damaging much of the walkway but i'll get that fixed soon wasn’t much of a crack but so far I was very satisfied with their work and ill rate them what they deserve.

5 star rating



Whether you need a deck, a driveway,
block walls, brick patios,fountains,
or even waterfalls-you can be sure that Sherman Oaks Landscaping can
get the job done.




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