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Unveil the secret to a vibrant, verdant lawn with Sherman Oaks Landscaping! Our expertise in grass installation and maintenance transforms ordinary lawns into lush, inviting landscapes. Explore a variety of grass options tailored to your climate and aesthetic preferences. From drought-resistant varieties to rich, plush options, we ensure a perfect match for your property. Our skilled team handles every step, from soil preparation to precise installation, guaranteeing a stunning, enduring result. Embrace the beauty of a well-manicured lawn that enhances your outdoor space’s allure. Trust Sherman Oaks Landscaping for superior grass solutions—your pathway to a greener, more enchanting home awaits!

Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue is an evergreen characterized by slender blue blades of grass. It is low maintenance and does well in most conditions, with the exception of extreme heat. This grass will produce flower tipped stems between May and June.

Mexican Feather Grass

Native to the south-western United States, northern Mexico and Argentina. It is sometimes used as an ornamental garden plant, but readily escapes, and has become naturalized in the San Francisco area.

Red Fountain Grass

This Grass is grown as an ornamental plants. Ornamental grasses are popular in many colder hardiness zones for their resilience to cold temperatures and aesthetic value throughout fall and winter seasons.

Red Flax

The tough, sword-shaped leaves grow up to three metres long and up to 125 mm wide. They are usually darkish green but sometimes have colored edges and central ribs. Cultivated varieties range from light green through pink to deep russet bronze. Image By Stan Shebs https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ User:Stan_Shebs Image Cropped

Variegated Flax

This type of flax has sword-like leaves with white edges that add great texture and sparkling contrast when planted near dark shrubs or bright flowers. It produces star shaped purple flowers followed by black berries. Image By Forest and Kim Starr http://www.starrenvironmental.com/ Image Cropped

Society Garlic

When grown as an ornamental, this plant requires some protection from winter frosts. It may smell like marijuana or skunk to those familiar with either smell. There have been instances in which concerned neighbors have contacted the authorities about the smell of cannabis in the neighborhood only to find out that the culprit was actually lemon verbena or society garlic.


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