Roses of Elegance: Sherman Oaks Landscaping's Floral Haven

Explore the allure of roses at Sherman Oaks Landscaping, where our gardens showcase a diverse array of vibrant and fragrant varieties. From meticulous design to expert care, we specialize in cultivating these timeless blooms. Our team ensures your roses thrive with services like pruning and fertilization. Seamlessly integrate the romance of roses into your garden with our bespoke landscaping solutions. Let Sherman Oaks Landscaping transform your outdoor space into a blooming paradise, where passion and expertise converge for a garden of unparalleled beauty.

Iceberg Roses

It is commercially available in two main forms: a bush and a standard, both produced by a form of grafting known as budding. The size and shape of bush forms depend on growing conditions and pruning regime: it is usually about 3.9 ft high and 3.3 ft wide, though in hot climates it can reach 6.6 ft high and if lightly pruned can become a graceful shrub.

Rose Trees

Rose Trees are typically grafted to a hardy trunk and rootstock. The different types of Rose Trees can be floribunda, grandiflora, miniature, Knock Out, Drift, and more. These ornamental Rose Trees add color, beauty and a quality look to the landscape. Rose Trees look beautiful growing in containers and accent your home and landscape design.


Whether you need a deck, a driveway,
block walls, brick patios,fountains,
or even waterfalls-you can be sure that Sherman Oaks Landscaping can
get the job done.




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