Sherman Oaks Landscaping's Showcase of Shade Plants

Sherman Oaks Landscaping presents a stunning showcase of shade plants, curated to enhance the beauty of your garden while thriving in shadier environments. The White Camellia, with its glossy green foliage, boasts fragrant flowers ranging from white to deep pink, perfect for early-season charm. Clivia, characterized by its unique fused tepals forming a tube, offers a spectrum of flower shapes and colors from yellow to orange to red. The White Azalea, known for its 2-inch wide white flowers with a yellow patch, is aptly named the smooth azalea due to its hairless new leaf growth.

Camellia Shades Plants

White Camellia

Camellia sasanqua is valued in gardens for its handsome glossy green foliage, and fragrant single flowers that can range in color from white to deep pink and are produced extremely early in the season. The leaves are used to make tea while the seeds or nuts are used to make tea seed oil, which is used for lighting, lubrication, cooking and cosmetic purposes.

Clivia Miniata Flowering Plants by Sherman Oaks Landscaping


Individual flowers have three sepals and three petals, all very similar (although the sepals are typically narrower than the petals) and collectively called tepals. In Clivia the tepals are fused at the base to form a tube, although this may be very short. The flower varies in shape from an open cup to a narrow hanging tube. In the species the flowers are mainly in shades of yellow through orange to red.

White Azalea

White Azalea

The flowers can be up to 2 inches wide, white, and commonly have a yellow patch on them. The flowers have white tubes. This azalea is sometimes also called the smooth azalea for its new leaf growth has no hair, making it smooth to the touch. The leaves range from a blue-green, dark green, or a medium green, and the underside is a light white color. The leaves are usually glossy and the plant blooms from May to August.

Myers Asparagus Fern

Myers Asparagus Fern

Asparagus densiflorus ‘Myers Fern’ has many upright stems growing to be up to 2 ft. or more, It has needlelike deep green leaves that give the plant a fluffy look. It grows best in full sun or partial shade. The full grown height and width is about 2 ft. by 4 ft. They like well draining soil and regular irrigation.

Philodendron Shades Plants - Sherman Oaks Landscaping


The leaves are usually large and imposing, often lobed or deeply cut, and may be more or less pinnate. They can also be oval, spear-shaped, or in many other possible shape variations. The leaves are borne alternately on the stem. A quality of philodendrons is that they do not have a single type of leaf on the same plant. Instead, they have juvenile leaves and adult leaves, which can be drastically different from one another.

Boston Ferns Shades Plants

Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata is a very popular house plant, often grown in hanging baskets or similar conditions. In general, the Boston fern likes damp, but not soggy soil that is rich in nutrients. Of the common cultivated ferns, the Boston fern is the most tolerant to drought. Although outdoors this plant prefers partial shade or full shade, inside it doesn't grow in shade and feels best in bright filtered light. Image By CC BY-SA 3.0, Image Cropped


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